How can the GPS signal of your Android smartphone

The first step in order to improve the signal is to understand how our GPS. GPS is a global satellite positioning service that the army of the United States began to develop in 1973 and since 1995, can be used publicly. The service began with 24 satellites in orbit, and now has 31 in 2016 today.


Our smartphones communicate with the satellites through a GPS antenna included in the equipment of our smartphone. This antenna is controlled by a driver that the manufacturer included in the operating system. Thus, the received signal quality depends on three main factors:
It is possible to improve the GPS signal of its Android smartphone. © AndroidPIT
On the last two factors, it is very difficult to have influence because they are things that are controlled by the manufacturer of your smartphone. If you have serious problems with the GPS reception on your smartphone, the first step would be to contact the manufacturer because it may be that your device has a manufacturing defect. Do not be surprised because it happens on many smartphones.

Regarding the first factor, you can improve it. It is possible to be more visible compared to satellites and thereby improve its position with other signals of our smartphone.

Enable mode “High Precision”
Usually, GPS antennas that are in a smartphone are not as powerful as we would like because the internal space within the smartphone is quite limited. To improve the speed of location, smartphones have a feature called Advanced GPS or A-GPS. With this feature, you use the mobile network, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth for faster location through triangulation with phone antennas or other devices.

To enable this feature, go to Settings> Location> Mode> High accuracy.

One of the main problems we have when we navigate between applications is that the GPS signal is switched off to save battery power. This can especially occur, for example, if you play Pokémon GO and you change the application to read a message. When you return to the game, the signal will be lost and it will take you back your smartphone looking its location.

Fortunately, you can block the GPS signal to always keep and never lose. Just install an application like GPS Connected and click “Lock GPS”. I specify all the same that to maintain the active GPS signal will affect the battery.

Connected GPS Phone Tracker

Good location also depends on the number of satellites which connects your smartphone. To get a better signal, you need to be as visible as possible. The signal will be better if the space around you is clear. Stay away from buildings, trees and other objects that can affect the signal. Cloudy weather can even be the cause of localization issues.

To check the satellites and verify that you are potentially connected, you can use various applications such as GPS Essentials or GPS Status & Toolbox.


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